Selected Poems & Publications


“Born Bent” in Sine Theta Magazine

“Serial” in ANMLY (forthcoming)

“A Letter from My Great-Grandfather to Me” in Cream City Review (forthcoming)


“A Letter from My Grandmother to Me” in The Greensboro Review 

“Rock Island Border Crossing”
in The Penn Review

“The First Time I Thought My Father Could Kill Me” in BOOTH 

“Dinner Sonnet” in Chestnut Review [nominated for a Best of the Net Award]

“Migration for Cowards” in Up the Staircase Quarterly


“elegy” in Palette Poetry

“my love, lost language” in AAWW, The Margins

Three Poems in Peach Mag

“Growing Pains” in Rust & Moth

Two Poems in Pidgeonholes

“A Letter from My Father to Me” in Cleaver Magazine